Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Only a Bit of Sewing...

This was our accomplishment yesterday. What, you say? That's just a boat. I know. We went to the lake and moved the boat under the carport. Sounds simple, but it wasn't.

We've been battling this boat this winter. In the past we've left it in the carport during the off-season and covered it with tarps. The squirrels that live in the tree beside the carport have played havoc on the boat - they get under the tarp and bed down and they manage to get into the engine and chew wires. It seems every Spring we have to have someone do repairs. So we tried something different this time - we left it out, away from trees, and bought a boat cover. It was hard to cover, but we did it.

Then came lots of rain and the cover caved in and tore. $200 for that cover! So we went to plan B and covered it with lots of tarps. Then came more rain along with freezing temperatures. A few weeks ago we discovered the tarps had caved in and the water in the valley was frozen solid. Remember, during the winter we haven't been going much.

Yesterday the weather was warmer so we went to tackle the problem yet again. Almost all the ice in the tarp was melted. We hooked the boat to the car and pulled it up the hill - when the boat was angled on a slope most of the water drained out. Then we could  remove the tarps and put the boat under the carport. Nothing about this was easy. We had to push a Sea Doo to the other side of the carport to make room for the boat.

By the time we came back home to our cottage, we were tired and neither of us did anything the rest of the day. We hope the squirrels do not bother the boat, but if they do we'll just get things repaired. We still need to repair the speedometer and gas gauge from their chewing last winter, so we figured we're willing to risk a couple of months under the carport.

Next Winter will be different! We're going to leave the boat on its lift over the lake and have it shrink wrapped. Did you know that was a thing? It's about $300 each year, but is still far cheaper than keeping it at the marina. That $300 is worth every single penny in my mind. And we'll never have to take the boat in or out of the water again.

That's probably more of a boat story than you wanted to read this morning. Hopefully I'll have some sewing to show tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kaffe Spiderweb

I finally got a machine sewing day in. Yippee! I decided to pull out this Spiderweb quilt I started last year. This is one of those big-bang-for-your-buck quilts; after doing a bit of strip piecing, the quilt comes together fairly quickly.

I made bunches of these pieced triangle units. There are not too many left to go!

Today I think I'll hand stitch. I have cut more pieces for my Scrap Happy quilt, Bring Me Flowers, and Glitter. I have them all bagged up and ready to sew.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 19, 2018

More Scrappy Goodness

Yesterday: more cold weather and the streets were still dangerous, more movies, more hand stitching.

I added another chunk to my scrappy project. I put the scissors in the picture so you can get an idea of the size. It's growing much faster than I thought it would - a very good thing! I had thought this would be a lifetime project, but now I'm thinking it will come together in a year or so, maybe less. I need to cut more scraps today to add variety to the mix.

Each time I add a chunk I'm giving it a very good press. I want to keep it flat and crisp. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to press if I waited until it's really big.

We are so stir crazy today! We are getting out of the house! As the sun warms the roads, they will be much better. Yay for the sun!!!!

Have a good one!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hand Sewing and Hand Sewing and...

I had hoped to do some machine work yesterday, but with our snow day (and Hubby being stuck inside, too) I decided to hand piece instead. Hubby has been all about movies lately; he's been finding them on various channels and recording them. We watched TWO movies yesterday while I hand pieced. That's the wonderful thing about hand piecing - I can watch TV with Hubby and still accomplish something.

As you can see, I made another Glitter block. I also added another nice chunk to my Scrap Happy quilt. Scrap Happy may not be its final name, but I'll call it that for now.

Speaking of hand piecing...many of you saw the video of Yoko Saito I shared on the Hexie Love Facebook page - wasn't that something?! I'm going to watch it over and over to try to learn the technique. I already do stitch a little like her, but I need to get one of those leather thimbles. I already have a thumb cutter, but have never used it - now is the time!

We got more snow than I had initially thought - probably 3-4 inches. That's a LOT for way down here! The roads are still iffy this morning, but it's going to warm up and they should be clearing later in the morning.

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scrap Happy!

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm cutting up scraps into little pieces for a new project. Here is the start of it. I was inspired by a quilt I saw called Scrap Happy #3 by Kathy MacCleary. Go to the link and scroll down to find it.

There is no pattern - I cut up scraps into tiny rectangle that finish at 1" x2". I also cut some squares that finish at 1". Like the inspiration quilt, I'm turning mine on point. There is no right or wrong way to do this...I just keep adding pieces randomly. Yes, the Christmas m&ms and the Easter chicks have made their way into this!

I'm hand piecing this - I know, a bit crazy. But these pieces go together very quickly and I like having this by my recliner for evening stitching.

Yes, it snowed! We think we have about 1.5 inches. We also got sleet, so the roads are icy. We will enjoy it from INSIDE except for taking the doggies out. By the way, Cooper LOVES the snow!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bring Me Flowers

Yesterday I did some hand sewing. I finished TWO Bring Me Flowers blocks! The one above only needed it's vase and stems.

And this one...it has been sitting around for some time. I wasn't happy with it, but decided to appliqué the circles on the flower centers and I like it much better now.

I have now finished 13 blocks out of 25 for this quilt - more than half!

Are you wondering about that fabric that is in the background? It's some upholstery fabric I had in my stash. I have covered my ironing board with it.

We are expecting cold weather later today and up to an inch of snow. This has been a really cold winter for us here in the deep South. I know one inch of snow doesn't sound like much, but trust me - it paralyzes us in the South - we're also expecting ice on roads which is the worst!

Hope your day is WARM!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Glitter: Block 1

I finished my first Glitter block - it came together easily and quickly. I'm hand piecing these.

Do you notice something? I typically don't use red in quilts. But after studying lots of scrap quilts, I realize a bit of red does look good. I'm not going overboard with red, but there will be a bit of red here and there in my two scrap busting quilts. So I figured I throw some red in the very first block to make sure I don't forget!

I cut out three more Glitter blocks yesterday. I hope to continue cutting more scrap blocks every week so I always have some to hand stitch.

I have a Walmart grocery pickup scheduled today - yes, I'm still doing it. It has actually been life changing - so much quicker than wandering the grocery store aisles. And with the flu rampant around the country, I'm just as glad not to go into the store.

Enjoy your day!