Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy National Dog Day!

Yes, I'm a bit late posting today. I was supposed to go on a day trip with friends, but I ended up canceling because Hubby had to be away and it was just too long to leave the doggies in their crates...especially on National Dog Day. :)

So what did I do instead? Well, of course there's a story behind it. And YES, I started another project! EEK!

I signed up for a class in Houston this fall - I typically don't take classes when I go to Houston, but this was one I was REALLY interested in taking. Thread Painting with Pam Holland. So I registered as early as I could....and found out the class was already full. DARN!

Then I realized that Craftsy has a Thread Painting class by Pam Holland! BOOM! $30 later and the click of a button and I got it! So it's been sitting dormant in my computer feed from Craftsy for weeks. I figure what better way to spend the day than to watch some of the class.

I'm watching a bit, then doing what she taught in that lesson...then watching more, and doing that. Step by step....just as if I were in her class.

So today I selected a picture (Mickey) and printed it on fabric. I selected a background fabric with care. I wanted something blue since Mickey's eyes are blue. And Mickey, though a male dog, is rather dainty and effeminate. So I picked something with flowers. I have the picture on fabric attached to the background.

Next I picked out a backing fabric...another floral.

And so now I need to pick up some batting (tomorrow) and I'll be ready to stitch.

Since I made hexies yesterday, I didn't feel guilty for doing something different today.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

More Hand Quilting

Yesterday was hand quilting day. I'm now more than halfway done with the quilting on the second block. It really goes faster than you'd think.

Hubby and I watched some of our TV shows on Netflix while I quilted. We also went out for lunch at a new TexMex restaurant in town. Yum! Late afternoon our next door neighbor had us over for wine and chit chat. It was a good day!

Today the hourglass blocks are up, BUT I think I'll switch to hexies - tomorrow (hexie day) I have some plans to go on a 'field trip' with some friends.

Lots of love from me to you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Few Hexies...

Yesterday I finished basting this group and then machine stitched them. Not a ton of progress, but progress, still.

I also spent some time cooking...Hubby came home last night! I haven't talking about this much here, but Hubby has been in Birmingham for about 2 weeks helping with his father. My FIL's cancer has unfortunately spread to his brain. There is no cure at this point, so the goal is to  make his last few months as happy and comfortable as possible. Hubby will be back and forth a good bit. Sad times, but I'm really glad to have the Hubster back here this week. He is exhausted, both mentally and physically, so we plan to relax and enjoy life this week.

Today Lollypop Trees are up to bat - I'll be hand quilting while Hubby and I relax!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More Allietare!

When I pulled out Allietare to begin sewing yesterday, I didn't know I hadn't pressed open all the half square I did that first.

The I made a pile of these little units - I did a pretty good job of matching points and corners...

While was busy, the doggies decided to share Cooper's bed and wrestle a bit.

I have now made enough parts and pieces to see what the two blocks will look like!

I really love this pattern! I need to make more units (especially the ones I made Sunday). I scaled up my version of Bonnie Hunter's pattern - based on 2.5" strips instead of 2" strips. So I knew I would make fewer blocks than she called for. And I'm not planning for my quilt to be as big as her's either. 
I'm basically just winging how many units I need. So I'll start making blocks, and making more sub-units until......I have enough!

I also made a double batch of Chocolate Banana Bread - I found the recipe on Pinterest here - it's SO good!

Today is Hexie day!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Machine Piecing!

Since I wanted to rest my hands yesterday I cut and stitched the next Allietare clue - Clue Number 4 in done! You know, I've always said that I'm not a good piecer. I really need to stop and measure MORE! Most of these units are a bit off - this was the best one and even at that it's a bit wobbly.

And guess what? Today's schedule calls for Allietare! The pieces for Clue 5 are already cut - some are half square triangles that were made in Clue 1 - so that will be easy to jump into this morning.

I'm loving the progress I'm making on ALL my progress. And I like that I have hexie scheduled for more days than the other projects. Once a project is complete, I'll move something else into the rotation. It's working!

Mickey was my helper yesterday...always underneath a quilt.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Yesterday was all about hand work! I finished quilting the first block of Lollypop Trees - made this photo big so hopefully you can see the quilting.

Last night I began work on the second block. I decide to put my first initial, 'J', in the quilting. Can you see it? It's a bit subtle...wondering if I should outline it with a chain stitch? What do you think?

This is typical around our house...I was eating breakfast..and someone wanted a bite...

I also worked on my needlepoint yesterday and basted a few hexies.

I think I need to give my hands a rest today... so I'll work on something else. Hmmm...maybe I will cut out the next pieces for my Allietare. And maybe some hourglass blocks? We'll see.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hexie Stitching

This happening yesterday! Machine stitching hexies together.

AND I basted more hexies!

And now it's the weekend. According to my new schedule it's my choice today and tomorrow. Hmmm.... I think I'll work on hexies, AND hand quilting Lollypop Trees, AND a bit of needlepoint. Sounds like a plan to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!