Friday, December 2, 2016

Basket Handles Stitched!

Eight basket handles appliquéd! I would have done more during Hubby's outpatient surgery, but they finished with him MUCH sooner than expected. Yay! He had a skin cancer removed from his forehead and now has almost 20 stitches. (They are neat and small - the doctor should take up quilting!)

He will be just fine, but is not allowed to swim or play golf for two weeks. Oh, that is torture for him!!! The doctor did say he could putt and chip, but I'm not letting him do that for a couple of days at least. In the meantime, we're watching lots of Netflix. We started two more shows: Doctor Foster and Doc Martin. Love them both!

This morning the repairman is coming to fix my exploding Samsung washing machine - after much thought, we decided to get the repair instead of the rebate. And when that is over, I have crafty plans!
When we were hiking a couple of days ago I picked up sticks and pine cones for a small project. Hubby is even excited about this idea and offered to help me put the pieces together today. Who knew Hubby would be interested in crafting????? I'll share a picture tomorrow!

Today on the schedule is my Curved Hexagon project - that's perfect to work on whilst watching Netflix! I really need a name for this quilt so I can stop calling it my 'Curved Hexagon project'! I'll have to think on that for a bit. Any ideas?

(Did I really just say "whilst"???? These British TV shows are rubbing off on me!)

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Four patches and a Hike

I didn't plan to blog this morning, but I ended up having a bit of time after all so here goes!

Neutral four patches: check! I made mine from 2.5 inch strips (instead of 2 inch strips as Bonnie called for). Because I make the units bigger, I need fewer units. How many should I make? Good question... glad I asked. 

Well, it's a guessing game. In my past experience with making a couple of BH mysteries, I know that she will probably have two different blocks combined in this quilt. I'm guessing that these four patches will be in one of the blocks and that there will be four in each block. Make sense so far? And so, I make these in set of four. I decided to make 15 sets of four (60 four patches). If I need a few more at the end of the mystery I can easily make them. Clue 1 is complete!

Yesterday after our swim, I went with Hubby on my first hike in months. Okay, it was a short one, but still... It was so good to be back in the woods. Cooper led the way and my foot did great! 

We got home before the big rain and storm came along. MUCH needed rain. We were under a Tornado Watch for awhile, but we missed the tornado. Thank goodness.

We're off to Montgomery in a few minutes. I'll be stitching down basket handles in the waiting room. And then we'll both be ready for a nap this afternoon since we got up so early.

Lots of love to you all today!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cutting Wedges!

I cut ALL the wedges required for the Gardenvale quilt yesterday! This took almost all day. 560 wedges. 28 sets of 20. That's a LOT of wedges! The fabric makes it look like each wedge is pieced, but it's not. Now all I need to cut out for this quilt are the background squares. I'll save that for another day.

Last night I hand stitched on my new Curved Hexagon project. I ended up not changing out the gold bee fabric. I looked at the other fabrics and decided that this fabric was the best. I really want to keep this unit primarily gold. I do love the scallop the bee fabric is making around the center.

Dinner last night: roasted vegetables along with leftover turkey. Yum! These colors would make a pretty palette for a quilt, no?

We're expecting rain all day today. And that's a good thing - such a drought we've had! Today on my schedule is En Provence, which means I'll be making neutral four patches. Easy peasy! I already have lots of strips cut and ready to go.

Yesterday Hubby and I watched the first episode of Call the Midwife. I wasn't sure if it would be his cup of tea, but he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Tomorrow I won't have time to blog. We have to get up and out super early to head to Montgomery. Hubby is having a bit of outpatient dermatological surgery. Nothing to worry about, but we'll be gone for a few hours. My UFO quilt is on the schedule for then, so I'll pack up a stack of basket blocks to take with me - I can appliqué the handles in the waiting room.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Summer on the Beach

I finished quilting Summer on the Beach yesterday! Yay! The quilting is not that great, though I do like the feathers I did using quilting rulers. I'm hoping it will look better once bound and washed.

I opted to fold the backing to the front for the binding. All it needs now it machine stitching the binding and it will be done. Can't decide what to do with this one - it may end up as a gift or as a donation quilt.

I wasn't in the mood to work on this yesterday, but I stuck to the schedule and I'm glad I did!

Today on the schedule is either New Bedford or Gardenvale. I now have the pattern for New Bedford and the correct ruler for Gardenvale. I think I'll work on cutting Gardenvale - should be fun work with a Christmas movie in the background.

We finally got rain! It's pouring here today. But that's no excuse to skip swimming. So off I go!

Have a nice day!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rearrangement...and a Weenie Roast!

I played with these curved hexies Saturday and think I might like this arrangement a bit better. The gold bee fabric makes a scallop around the center. Still not sure though. I may want to switch that gold fabric to another fabric that has more contrast - I want these curves to show from a distance! 


Daughter 2 sent me a picture of her (FINISHED!) Christmas tree skirt last night. So cute! And she quilted it all by herself!

This is our idea of a weenie roast. Mickey is lounging by the fire - he loves the heat! 

We got Mom back to Augusta safely yesterday. She has lots of stories to tell her friends about her week here. I'm a bit tired after a busy week, but I'm raring to go this morning. First up - a trip to the pool. Hubby's playing golf with his friends this morning. 

And then I'm getting back on my quilting schedule. Today is for machine quilting! I'm planning to attack work on Summer on the Beach. I'm ready to get this one finished and ready to bind. Maybe I will accomplish that today. 

We are FINALLY getting some rain this week - it's been way too long! Yay! 

Okay then, what are you working on this week? Christmas presents? Or something for yourself? Wishing you a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lots of Basting Done!

This curved hexie quilt is coming along! I've been so glad to have this at the ready to work on this week! I can sit and visit with family and stitch at the same time. This layout is not set in stone - I'm thinking I may twist things around a bit, or even swap out with different fabrics here and there. You might notice that I switched out the center hexagon - I wasn't happy with the previous one. 

Yesterday was a quiet day. Our pool trip didn't go quite as expected. Our heated pool - normally at a temperature of 92 degrees F - was COLD! Burr! The heater wasn't working. But we swam anyway. I let the facility know about the pool and hopefully they'll fix it soon!!!

I hit a hit a 'wall' in the afternoon and fell asleep on the sofa. A little nap did me lots of good.

And today? It's FOOTBALL day!!! And hexie hand sewing! And eating leftovers! 

Tomorrow we'll be taking Mom back home to Georgia. Next week I'll get back on my sewing schedule. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Day After...

I hope you all (in the US) had a lovely Thanksgiving! We certainly did. Here's everyone gathered around the table. Starting from the left and going clockwise: SIL2 (Michael), Daughter 2 (Elizabeth), my mother, my brother-in-law, my mother-in-law, Daughter 1 (Emily), SIL1 (Tommy). Hubby and I didn't make it into the picture - someone had to hold the camera!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday these days - it's all about family without the worry over presents. We enjoyed lots of laughter and bonding. Mom will be with us until Sunday, but all the others have gone. The house seems quiet this morning!

I'm the primary cook for the Thanksgiving meal. We had turkey, dressing, gravy, green beans, sweet potato casserole, Autumn Roasted Vegetables with Apples and Pecans, cranberry sauce, pickled red onions, Honey Baked Ham (purchased by my mom), yeast risen pumpkin rolls (made by Daughter 2, iced tea (thanks to Daughter 1), and pumpkin pie and pecan pie (thanks to my MIL). Whew! It was all so good.

The Autumn Roasted Vegetables with Apples and Pecans was a new-to-me recipe that I found on Pinterest. You can find the recipe HERE. It includes fresh brussels sprouts, butternut squash, red onions, apples, pecans, and dried cranberries. SO DELICIOUS! I will start making this a regular on our Thanksgiving menu.

As you can see, Cooper has really bonded with Mom, though he keeps stealing tissues from her lap. Ha!

There will be no Black Friday shopping for us today! What will we do? Well, we haven't been swimming since Monday, so that first on the list this morning. We'll take Mom along to watch us. And then there will be a relaxing day ahead. Christmas movie, anyone?

The only sewing I've done is hexie basting, But I've done a good bit! In fact, I'm almost ready to sew the pieces together. I forgot to mention that while Daughter 2 and SIL2 were here, I helped her make a Christmas tree skirt. She did all the work. Yesterday morning she sewed the binding on by machine, and later in the day she started hand stitching the binding to the back side. She brought her sewing machine with her - I cleaned the lint from inside, changed the needle, and made sure it was running smoothly. She'll have the tree skirt done in no time - wish I'd taken a picture, but I didn't. Maybe she'll send me one once she has it around her tree.

I wish you all a happy Friday!